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Use the categories on the left to browse the site.  If you know anything about any of the images please leave a comment, this is how I hope eventually to document Ian's work. If you want to contact me direct please email me here . I apologise for the image quality on some of the scans, most were made a few years back and should be redone - that's for another time though! Thanks for looking.

New Website Launched!
I'm very happy to announce the launch of Ian's new website. Ian Ribbons Fine Art will initially be selling limited edition prints of about 50 of Ian's watercolours, about half of which are London scenes, the remainder being a collection of European paintings. Our museum grade prints use lightfast pigment inks and are individually checked to ensure they are the closest possible match to the original. Proceeds from this site will be used to help fund a London exhibition which we hope to organise for 2014/2015.
Please check out the site here - if you have any comments we would love to hear from you either on this blog or through the contact form on the web site